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The Level 4 Service.

This one is our biggest service and the only service that is so involved it simply cannot be done anywhere other than our workshop.

We collect your machine FOC and return to our workshop, where we dedicate the next 2 and a half days to attending to your bike.

We check a balmy 98 areas on your bike, leaving nothing untouched on the outside, and after that has been done, we then step it up a gear.

Once the checks are complete, we strip off your wheels, forks and headset, treating the bearings to a thorough clean and greasing before putting them back on.

We check all surfaces - ensuring you are appraised of the slightest wear, keeping you informed of how your bike is surviving the weather and conditions our roads throw at it.

Wrap that up, and throw in Market leading Semi Synthetic oil, Hiflo oil filter, a full set of NGK plugs and a Hiflo air filter (kit),  (or K&N upgrade, for a small additional cost), and you have yourself the most comprehensive service available.

Oh one more thing.......we deliver your bike back FREE as well!!

All this sings along from a mere £500  (Kit included)

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